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Stone, marble or wood fireplace


Why did we do this subdivision?

Because it is the division which generally coincides with the selection criteria, most common to the customer.

Some people like the grey stone, other veins of marble, others the warmth of aged wood and its lacquers.

Other subdivisions were unnecessary because from our experience we have come to know that the proper and ideal choice of a fireplace mantle can only be done by collecting a series of information which we will ask you at the time of your tour in our showroom.

Among the questions we will ask refer to the size, the location whether exterior or interior, the style (whether rustic or elegant), in special cases the age, type and importance of the environment where it will be placed: it is important too to consider its use (simply for display, heating or cooking).

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Stone fireplace mantel

The fireplace mantels, for excellence in Italy, is the stone fireplace.

It happens often whilst visiting old villas, mansions, art tours, as well as rustic farmhouses, to have the opportunity to admire them, often well-preserved because of the hardness of materials.

The stone fireplace present itself in many styles, shapes and personalities.

For this reason those who proceeds to decorate the interiors of their homes, having such a vast choice will often find difficulties in choosing the "right item ".

A fireplace can present double significance in it’s style: the Renaissance fireplace for example may be of a gigantic size, with features like pilasters, ornate mensolature, several notches, or linear characteristics adding to the sense of depth.

It serves then to have the help of experts with passion ready to "help" in the decision making.

It is also important to consider if the fireplace is particularly suitable for heating, and also to create a social environment, a fire is not just a flame, it is a friend and it is a jewel to exhibit: is the protagonist of the environment in which is to be placed.

All so crucial in the selection, and we have more than 200 stone fireplaces to choose from! We can help you decide on the style in which you want to decorate your environment, our industry knowledge and sensitivity we put our professional experience at your full service.


Marble fireplace mantel

The marble fireplace has enough unique elegant and refined characteristics to make it suitable for most environments.

Needless to say, it those styles that are a characteristic element of curves and linear movements like Baroque, Louis XIV, Louis XV, or in those styles that recall the elegant wedding classics (Louis XV, directory). are so striking.

Even in the first half of the 800 styles for example like Empire, Napoleon III are interesting.

The marble fireplace is perfectly versatile for decorating rooms in an old villa or mansion, a room of a certain value just as in the same way it may fit perfectly into an apartment furnished in a modern way.

It all depends on the personalization of the fireplace in its habitat and the good taste of the interior decorator.


Wooden fireplace mantel

The old wooden fireplace was typical of those houses of wealthy people, and with its accessories was a prestigious way of enhancing special rooms or compartments. We are honest with our precious customers and would suggest say that the wooden fireplace and mantel piece is not always suitable for all homes or environments.

A quick glance at the numerous examples in our warehouse illustrate their strong personality as being stylish and sophisticated especially the Baroque, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, and Empire styles which use wood or lacquer and are remarkable for their presence of gold reliefs and decoration.
It is true to say that the wooden fireplace has an intrinsic finesse that gives it that "edge", that sort of exclusivity, which the nobility of the past held so important to impress friends and colleagues.

The person who chooses to use a wooden fireplace in furnishing their home, should take into account that it does not "accept" to pass unobserved, but has a distinctive character and therefore conditions the rest of the furnishing that will be displayed in the same environment.


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