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This fireplace has been re-built with our ancient materials.
In particular: n. 01 antique beams in oak wood, no. 02 ancient wooden shelves.
For the realization of the sides and the base have been used in ancient brick and gray stone steps.
the particularity of these fireplaces is that you can accomplish with the demands and the spaces where they will be relocated, while maintaining the characteristics of the individual elements but always original and ancientEL

Internal width max140 cm (55.1")
External width max200 cm (78.7")
Internal height max126 cm (49.6")
External height max163 cm (64.1")
Price Range: 0-10000 Euro
Please contact us for the exact and updated price

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Antique fireplaces are all exposed in our new showroom of over 40,000 m2 in Citerna di Pistrino, open daily (see opening hours).

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