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Antique fireplace is stone, central medallion with IHS (Iesus Hominus Salvator - Jesus savior of men), recalls many different fireplaces in our showroom, where you can find the some effigy. Also in this case we talk of a fireplace made of stone, 'prima patina', clean and simple, has large sized. It was definatly placed in a large kitchen or living room of a house, however an important one. Good condition especially the color of gray Golden stone, make this fireplace a rare and unique piece.

Internal width max195 cm (76.7")
External width max262 cm (103.1")
Internal height max154 cm (60.6")
External height max207 cm (81.4")
Price Range: 20001-30000 Euro
Please contact us for the exact and updated price

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Antique fireplaces are all exposed in our new showroom of over 40,000 m2 in Citerna di Pistrino, open daily (see opening hours).

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